Thursday, 3 September 2009

Duckeys Gluten Free Banoffee Dream

Well guys I am back.

I have had a bit of a break whilst I have set up my new business Apparition Marketing & Design.

It has been great but my time to cook has been limited. So the other weekend James my partner and I went to some friends and I was asked to provide dessert.

So I made a Banoffee pie. The secret to this one is that it also had to be Gluten Free as my friend Carly can't eat Gluten! So here is the recipe!...

Now I know this recipe doesn't sound healthy but I have given it a slight make over by replacing cream with low fat cream, biscuits with low fat gluten free biscuits (which also makes it a gluten free recipe) used dark 70% organic chocolate and used much more banana than sauce.

RECIPE: A thick creamy Gluten Free Banoffee pie with freshly sliced banana, toffee sauce and chocolate shavings.

You will need:

For the cake:

150g gluten free biscuits
1 tin of condensed toffee
1tbsp butter
1 pot of low fat cream
3 bananas
Shaving of 70% dark chocolate

To Make:

1. Take the pack of Gluten Free Biscuits and crush them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin (or your fists if it has been a bad day!)

2. Then add to a saucepan and heat with a small amount of butter until all the biscuit crumbs have been coated.

3. Then add in the mixture to a spring base tin.

4. Cut up some banana slices.

5. Add the banana to the pan layering on the biscuits.

6. Spread over the toffee sauce making a nice layer.

7. Let set in the fridge until serving time.

8. Just before serving whisk up your low fat cream and pile on top of the pie.

9. Dust over the chocolate and bish, bash, bosh you have a yummy Gluten free dessert.

I must say the pie went down well, the boys had second helpings and out of the desserts I have made its been the best responding one so far.