Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Alcohol advice!


What alcoholic drink is the most healthy to consume?

Well we all know that sometimes alcohol is bad for you, It can make us do the craziest of things but sometimes if you have a healthy lifestyle once in a while a nice alcoholic drink can help you to relax and unwind in moderation!

Usually research shows that white spirits with slimline mixers have the lowest kilojoules in calories, these may include:

  • Vodka with soda water
  • Gin and Slimline Tonic
  • Or these spirits alone.
They range from 48 to 88 calories each comparing to the worst offender the pint of beer with a whooping great 182 calories per pint! That’s where the term ‘beer belly’ stems from I believe! Also alco-pops with all the sugar they equate to around 200 calories per bottle! A beer belly stems from excess alcohol calories being stored as fat, nice! A glsss of medium white wine or champagne has 95 calories, which I don’t think is so bad, so if you think about it drinking can actually add to your calorie intake in a day.

I believe if you drink in moderation for example, once a week in large amounts or twice in small amounts you shouldn’t be too badly effected, however if you swallow those pints night after night I can promise you your body will start to feel the effects!

No I am partial to a nice glass of white vino, and yes they do say it has health benefits but I limit myself on a big night out to about 4 glasses max (me being a lightweight I don’t think I couldn’t manage much more) and I may have a mid-week glass with a meal or again at a weekend with a meal. Sometimes I will even do this in place of a dessert as a treat! I also like to drink Champagne as this is also very low in calories!

If you are trying to loose weight successful weight loss depends on burning more calories than you consume. This is why people choose low calorie drinks when trying to loose weight.

The other downside to alcohol…

Ever noticed after a night out you come out of a club or bar and get the munchies!... even I am guilty of it and this is where it changes you are hungry, you don’t care what you eat and oh look it’s the chip shop! Alcohol also contains sugar so after a sugar drop you will be craving more… so you may notice the craving for chocolate too!

Not only does drinking reduce the number of fat calories you burn, alcohol can increase your appetite and lower your testosterone levels for up to 24 hours after you finish drinking! Not good for men!

I have researched into this and to summarize this is what happens to your bodies fat metabolism after the odd drink or two...

  • A small portion of the alcohol is converted into fat.
  • Your liver then converts most of the alcohol into acetate.
  • The acetate is then released into your bloodstream, and replaces fat as a source of fuel.

The way your body responds to alcohol is very similar to the way it deals with excess carbohydrate. Although carbohydrate can be converted directly into fat, one of the main effects of overfeeding with carbohydrate is that it simply replaces fat as a source of energy.

All in all be sensible and drink in moderation!

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