Thursday, 10 April 2008

Healthy food to snack on...

We all like to graze, but sometimes its hard to know now a days what the best things to snack on are... so here are a few of my favourite healthy snacks!


You can get many different types of oat cakes I prefere Narins Oatcakes flavours such as Rough Cheese Organic Fine Milled Herb Mini or in fact a biscuit version including Mixed BerriesStem Ginger Fruit and Spice

Rice Cakes

Are great on their own or with some low fat spread or low fat hummous I prefere Kallo Rice Cakes they also come in a range of sizes and flavours including some scrumpious dark chocolate ones which are only 53 calories per slice

Corn Cakes

Kallo also produce an organic corn cake which is very similar to a rice cake but made from corn.

Eat Natural Bars

Eat Natural Bars are great for treats or if you get the snack size version you can just nibble them... they are all natural and come in a great range of tastey flavours. My favourtie ones are the yogurt coated flavours.

Fresh Fruit

Most types of fruit are great for snacking on the only bad thing in fruit could potential be the high amount of sugars however these are natural sugars so they are not as bad for you.

Chopped prunes

Prunes contain a lot and fibre and are great for helping you go to the toilet so are very important in your day to day diet, they are said to be the richest food source of antioxidants.


The date again is a stimulant food it works sluggish bowels, they are also an excellent remedy for alcoholic intoxication! So after you hit the town on a Saturday night make sure you have your daily date in take the next day! Naturally sweet I find them a good subsitute to chocolate.


I would always go for the low fat version of course, Tesco do a particualy nice tub eat them with rice cakes.. oat cakes... even in sandwiches!

Cereal bars

Not all cereal bars are good for you so make sure you buy the healthy ones such as Quaker, Jordans or Fitness

Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are great to snack on and contain heaps of vitamins and minerals!

So here are just a few of my recommended snack foods - remember all food is good in moderation especially the naturally sourced foods.

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