Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Prawns... so tasty but oh so healthy!

Prawns are really low in fat and are an brilliant source of protein and a great way to get your doses of iron, zinc and vitamin E.

The fact they have very little fat actually comes down to the fact they are virtually free from saturated fat. Omega 3 fatty acids are valuable fats as they have lower triglyceride levels and have many other benefits for heart health!

Problems can often arise in foods which combine high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol for example, the British favourite... fried bacon and eggs, or seafood battered then fried in saturated fat... which I cant say appeals to me at all!

As long as you cook your prawns in a healthy way for example grilled, barbecued, steamed or cooked with a 'good' olive oil, they should not cause problems.

Healthy Facts about prawns:

*A good source of omega 3 fatty acids
*An excellent source of protein
*A great way to get iron, zinc and vitamin E
*Low in saturated fats

Recipe Ideas:

Treat yourself to some healthy prawns!

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