Friday, 25 April 2008

Start basic... start walking!

Walking is the best low impact exercise we can do... most of us walk from here to there everyday so if you are someone who will use you car to drive to the post box at the end of your road or quite simply to lazy to walk then listen closely!

Walking is a motion that is a natural movement it is innate to us all. It can also improve your health and keep you in great shape!

If you walk on a regular basis you will find that:

1. Walking reduces stress... and stress can create an unhealthy platform for your body. In general exercise is great at reducing stress, especially when outdoors in the fresh air, a walk home from work will do wonders for your mind as well as your body!

2. It encourages weight lose and helps to maintain your bodies weight. Walking burns calories and is great for toning up by walking as little as half an hour a day can have a great impact on your weight.

3. Walking promotes healthy bones and joints. Keeping active and moving, especially as you age has a direct impact on how strong your bones and joints are, and can prevent harmful injuries later on in life.

4. Walking keeps your heart healthy... It can reduce your risk of a heart attack by lowering bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol levels. Walking on a regularlywill lower blood pressure, which can contribute to heart disease.

5. Aids the management of diabetes... If you have diabetes, walking regularly actually increases your body’s ability to process sugar and lower blood sugar levels.

So... get motivated to walk, to help you if you struggle set up or join a walking club in your community. Walk with a partner or friend, or perhaps help join our new eco way of life and walk to work! If you make a commitment you are more likely to keep to it!
Walking is also relaxing, there are som many locations we can choose to walk, along the beach, in the woods by the lake I went to London a few weeks ago and spent the morning walking around hyde park with my family and Rob and really felt my butt ache by the end of it!
Also... for us girls... Shopping is a great way to walk! Always a plus! So yes shopping is good for you tell your men!

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