Sunday, 25 May 2008

Get fit watching TV!

Could this be a breakthrough? Can you really get fit while watching TV?

Well quite simply yes you can and here is how… watching TV doesn’t mean you have to kiss your great figure goodbye! First of all you need to think about this sensibly.


Ditch the junk food, come on you didn’t think this was going to be easy did you? Then after you have done so get rid of the coach potato look… its not attractive! Get rid of the remote control getting up to change the channel will in fact burn calories! You know… if you sign up for every Sky channel package you could be getting up 139 times a night, that’s 417 calories and the equivalent to a four-mile run.. Wow!


Laughing is said to be the best medicine so laugh laugh laugh until your heart is content! Even laughing burns off calories! It works the facial muscles and stomach muscles increasing breathing and oxygenating the blood. A belly laugh is internal jogging… by laughing 100 to 200 times per day is the equivalent of rowing for 10 minutes. So whack on your favourite comedy show for fifteen minutes and burn up to 40 calories, so watching one series over a weekend could burn an extra 1536!


Spicy food can help you loose weight? That’s not possible surely! Well its said by eating spicy food (enough to make you sweat) also sheads calories much like a Sauna would. A red chilli boosts are bloods temperature therefore burning more energy! Ginger has the same effect, while black pepper and mixed spice boost metabolism.


Get a six-pack! No silly… not from the fridge! We are talking abs here… you can get so many great ab tonning machines or sit up presses that you can watch TV while you work out! Your mind is stimulated… less chance of getting bored… and you don’t miss your favourite shows!


Drop the booze.. by turning wine into water you cut the calories that alcohol creates as well as hydrating your body! It also helps the metabolism!


Have a good old cuppa tea! Green tea in particular has specific fat-fighting qualities, researchers claim that substances found in green tea such as catechins have similar qualities to the ginger and mixed herbs, helping stimulate the body and burn calories.

So how great is that! Who would have thought you could do all this while watching your favourite episodes!

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