Friday, 2 May 2008

What to do with Olives...

My famous Duckey Olive tapenade is really yummy and so easy to make!

You can use this in so many ways too!
  • A spread for breads
  • A dip to accompany vegetable crudités or breadsticks
  • A spread to put in a sandwich
  • A topping to use on fish or poultry
  • A sauce to add to pasta
You will need:

Olive oil
Italian seasoning

Put pitted olives in a food processor with olive oil, garlic, and your favorite seasoning! It really is that simple!

Olives can also be used to add to a pasta recipe…

Or I frequently add chopped olives to tuna or chicken salads or stuff fish with them adding a little light cheese!

So many possibilities if you can think of anymore add your comments below! To see the health benefits and history of Olive click here... Olives.

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