Saturday, 12 July 2008

Duckeys Chocciehotpots...

OK now I am all for healthy eating, however it is very good for us to have a small treat once and a while.

Below is the recipe that will knock any choccie lovers socks off… I originally found it via Nigella... my favourite chef! I was bought her book "Feast - How to celebrate life" for my 21st birthday! The book is great there are recipes for every occasion and if you don't like Nigella's naughty calorie infested cooking then simply use different ingredients and adapt like I have done!

This is really my favourite dessert and I know when people come for dinner it is always a winner!

The great thing about theses desserts is that you can make the mixture in advance and then cook them when desired they will even last a few days in the fridge if you want to have them on simultaneous days. So I will share with you my special recipe!


Melt in your mouth hot chocolate filled pots… soufflé style warm gooey chocolate encased in a soft dark chocolate sponge served with crème fresh

You will need:

125g plain flour (I use wholemeal to feel less guilty!)
125g brown sugar (again I use less but sweeten to your own taste)
2 eggs
125g Dark Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate
125g ButterIn one bowl mix
125g of chocolate
125g butter

1. Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl easily done in the microwave or over hot water.

2. In the other add the flour, eggs and sugar

3. Once the chocolate has melt leave to cool for a few minutes and add to the dry mixture

4. Butter 4 ramekin dishes lightly.(At this point you may wish to add currents or raisins to you dish or some big chunks of chocolate white works quite well)

5. Pour the mixture into the dishes

6. Then bake in the oven for around 15-20 minutes depending on how gooey in the middle you want them

7. For extra effect add ice cream, yogurt, and some fresh fruit on the side with some honey!

To view Nigellas version you can watch it below! Let me know whos you prefer!

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