Monday, 28 April 2008

Duckeys Divine Pancakes...

For pancake day I wanted to celebrate the tradition properly so I made the healthiest version of Pancakes I could! So I played around and adapted and even came up with an idea of adding a little naughtiness and indulgence!

RECIPE: Moist fluffy scotch pancakes, made in three versions... rocking raisin , baked blueberry and caressing chocolate champion pancakes.
You will need:

125g wholemeal flour
125g milk
2 egg whites
25g blueberries
25g raisins
2-3 dessert spoons chocolate spread

1. Pre-heat a frying pan and spray with 1 calorie spray

2. In a jug mix the egg whites then add into the flour eggs and milk to create a thick consistency batter

3. With a ladle scoop the batter and insert in the pan

4. Insert the filling of your choice on the wet batter

5. With a spatula check underneath and when brown flip over

6. Check again and when the other side is cooked then keep warm on a plate under the grill

7. If you want to try flipping make the pancake a bit thinner than the scotch pancakes and larger this is great fun so try at least one!

8. Serve in a stack on a plate!

These pancakes are wonderful and aren't as bad for you as you think as long as you don't overload them with syrup or sugar!

The blueberry pancakes are amazing as the blueberries cook and turn soft and warm it deepens the taste. The raisin pancakes are delicious with the raisins creating more texture and complement the fluffiness of the pancake batter... now as for the chocolate ones adding a dollop of Nutella spread allows the chocolate to cook into the pancake hardening on the outside, much like a chocolate croissant a naughty one to try for the occasional treat!

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