Saturday, 19 April 2008

Make exercise fun!

As much as we all say we like to get fit, do we really enjoy the process? Even I find it hard to motivate myself sometimes… I mean how many other crazy girls do you know who gets up to do Yoga at 6.30am each morning before work! So I have come up with a great theory, based on one we use all the time in other parts of our life!

Make exercise fun…

When you equate the gym as a torture house, you will find it very difficult to see it as a place of wellness or for exercise as something to be enjoyed. Again this all relates to the power of your mind and how you use it. What some people don’t understand is how powerful the mind is! So if you find active things you enjoy then relate them with positive connotations of exercise.

Some people enjoy music… take a dance class

Some people enjoy relaxing… try yoga

Some people enjoy a good sweat… go running

Some people love to clean… do the housework at a quick pace

Some people enjoy nature… go for a walk

These examples present how you can take an element of fun and turn it into exercise rather than take a tedious exercise routine and suck the fun out of it.

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