Friday, 13 June 2008

Dazzle using your eyes...

Don’t we just love it when our eyes are bright and sparkly?

Occarding to sources our eyes are the first to suffer as the weather gets warmer! Common conditions such as Hayfever can make eyes tired, sore and red.
  • A good solution to this is to nip down to your local chemist and purchase some refreshing eye drops to help this problem.
  • Anti-histamines such as benadryl can also help these symptoms but always seek medical advice first.
  • Light exercise is also said to make eyes and water itch perhaps if you run outside you battle with the elements or at the gym possibly the air conditioning blowing into your face.
  • If you war glasses make sure they have a UV block some cheaper frames do not which could be harmful.
  • Sunglasses not only look really cool but it prevents the sun from conducting damage to our eyes.
  • People can also experience dry eyes in hotter conditions for this you can get artificial tears from any good chemist.
  • If you want bright eyes stay clear of eye whiteners they contain bad chemicals that constrict the blood vessels not a clever move and can in fact make your eyes even redder what a contradiction.
  • I would also say don’t have to many late nights this will immediately make you feel fresher and on it like a hobbit!
Make up advice for girls…

I like to wear pretty heavy eye make up, every girl has their own personality but here are a few tips in taking care of your eyes,

I have four steps to achieving my desired look…

1. I apply two shades of eye shadow to my eyes I use No7 which is a great brand as it comes in sensitive forms for different skin types, I use a lighter shade below the brow and darker on the eye lid or I use lighter on the inner lid and work out to a darker on the outside.

2. I use an Estee Lauder black eyeliner to line the inside of my eyes you can also get sensitive versions but make sure you keep your pencil at a medium consistently not too sharp not to blunt

3. I then use a black Rimmel liquid eyeliner to line the eyelid above the lashes it adds definition but you need a steady had and lots of practise

4. I then use a curler and apply it to my lashes for extra volume then use Max Factor Master effects black mascara to have extra volume and length.

Everyone has their own way of applying their make up but I like to have sparkling defined eyes as in most cases it’s the first thing people look at and your eyes are what give you away the most. I feel a lot of your personality is projected through them which is why this is so important to me.

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