Friday, 13 June 2008

Salmon Tagliatelle with Dill sauce served with asparagus

For a special meal this is my favourite one to pull out of the bag!

I thought it was a perfect one to cook on this occasion as it is the first time that I have cooked for Rob’s Grandpa Bert, who I call Grandpa Morgano.

I had about 45 minutes to pre-pare a meal straight from work so I needed something quick, easy but stunning. I love Salmon and I think when you have company you cant go wrong with a fish dish as long as you know they like fish! It was Italiano with a hint of French.

RECIPE: Delicious Salmon rested upon a bed of Tagliatelle enriched with a Dill, Mushroom and crème fresh sauce served with asparagus

You will need:

1 piece of Salmon fillet per person
250g tagliatelle pasta (wholegrain)
1 Packet of fresh asparagus
1 teaspoon green pesto per person

To make the sauce…

½ tub low fat crème fresh
½ packet mushrooms
1 teaspoon Dill
1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
1 dessert spoon low fat Philadelphia

1. Line a tray with tin foil and insert your salmon fillets, sprinkle with Dill

2. Add your pasta to a sauce pan and cover with boiling water, gently simmer

3. Add the asparagus to another pan and simmer

Meanwhile to make your sauce…

1. Add the mushrooms to a pan

2. After 3 minutes add half a tub of low fat crème fresh

3. Then add a teaspoon each of Dijon and wholegrain mustard

4. For a bit of thickness add a dessert spoon of plain low fat Philadelphia

5. Put to the side and reheat when serving

After 30 minutes the salmon should be cooked.

o serve and here’s a great presentation tip add a teaspoon of pesto to a square plate and drag a line across the plate using a spatula. On the plain side of the plate add the cooked pasta, topped with the salmon fillet and layer on the heated sauce.

On the pesto side of the plate diagonally lay the asparagus spears.

This dish was probably the best and most proudest dish I have cooked. I think throughout practise and research you learn tips along the way. So from here on I would like to take my cooking to the next level.

I would also like to thank Grandpa Morgano and Rob for a wonderful evening and for the wine and flowers that were bought. They were lovely!

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