Friday, 13 June 2008

How to serve Carrot Cake…

So as you can see I needed a dessert to accompany the main I had made for Grandpa Morgan so what better to impress him that my Duckeys Carrot Cake recipe! To glam it up I didn’t want to serve it alone and wanted a traditional dessert.

RECIPE: Duckeys Homemade Carrot Cake embedded on a plate of cinnamon served with dates and a pot of low fat Vanilla Custard.

You will need:

1 slice of Duckeys Carrot Cake
3 dates per person
1 pot of Waitrose low fat vanilla custard

To decorate:

1. Sprinkle a section of cinnamon on a square plate and add on top the slice of Carrot Cake

2. Add 3 dates next to the piled upon each other

3. In a pan heat some vanilla custard

4. Serve in a ramekin on the side (this allows the cake to be eaten with or without the custard.)

It went down really well and Bert loved the presentation. It was almost like a simplified “trio” of desserts with enough there to keep you entertained and keep the plate exciting. After I served some roasted coffee in small espresso cups with real Italian chocolates.

It was the perfect end to a meal.

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