Thursday, 22 May 2008

Duckey to be a model again?

I was sitting in the hair dressers (like a right girl) two weeks ago and stumbled across a fitness magazine called WFitness! In it they were running a competition in search for a new fitness model!

I haven't modelled now since late last year and in theory I am winding down... however for some reason this stood out to me! I really like the idea that they promoted HEALTHY and FIT models.

I thought to myself "I probably have no chance as theres 5 days left to vote and everyone else has been on there four weeks" but what the hell! It was a bit of fun!

Anyway today I received an email saying I had made it into the finalists! I was really shocked and so happy that my healthy lifestyle has obviously reached out to the people who voted for me!

The link is here so wish me luck guys i'm off to London for the final!

Duckey x

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