Friday, 23 May 2008

Duckeys Chilli Con Carne Special!

I love spicy food and Chilli Con Carne is a great dish, you can fill jacket potatoes, serve with rice it really is an easy filling! Try my Chilli Con Carne Pie!

RECIPE: Luxury Vegetable Chilli Con Carne smacked with spices and beans served with brown rice.

You will need:

45 g of kidney beans, canned and drained
45g butter beans
100g Med Vegetables
½ clove of garlic
½ onion
1 small tin of chopped tomatoes (200g)
½ veg stock cube
1 tsp chilli powder
¼ tsp of drinking coco
½ tsp of mixed herbs

To make:

1. Heat and cook the onion until slightly softened

2. Add the garlic and diced pepper and cook for another few minutes

3. Add the vegetables

4. Stir in all other ingredients, adding more or less chilli powder to taste!

5. Serve with brown rice, noodles or in wraps!

Chilli just couldnt be easier!

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