Saturday, 24 May 2008

Duckeys Posh Fish Finger Sandwich...

When I was younger my diet used to consist of fish fingers, most days of the week, they are full of Omega 3 great for both adults and kids!

I usually buy Birds Eye fish fingers as they are pretty low in fat and high in Omega 3. To jazz up fish fingers I sometimes include them in a posh fish finger sandwich!

RECIPE: A posh fish finger sandwich, consisting of four fish fingers mixed with juicy beef tomato, green leaf salad served with light mayonnaise and hummus seasoned with pepper in a ten seed brown bread loaf.

You will need:

4 slices of ten seed wholemeal bread
4 cooked fish fingers
1 beef tomato
salad leaves
1 tsp hummus
1 tsp light mayonnaise
pinch of pepper

To make:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees

2. Cook fish fingers for 15-20 minutes until golden brown

3. Meanwhile layout four pieces of bread and spread one side with hummus and the other with light mayo (you can also use light salad cream)

4. Cut thin slices of the beef tomato and layer onto the bread

5. Add the salad leaves on top of the tomato

6. Then add the cooked fish fingers

7. Sandwich together and serve with a salad garnish or some carrot sticks.

This is a great quick evening snack or for lunch, a really posh healthy version of a sandwich which doesn't follow the conventional rules of sandwich making! This must be my favourite sandwich! It also tastes great cold!

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