Thursday, 15 May 2008

Easy Exercise

Right well if you are a lazy bones and the thought of exercise drives you mad, yet you feel unfit then this one is for you.

Try to fit in a 10-minute walk after breakfast, (maybe get a dog or a kitten like I am!) lunch, replace sitting in a coffee bar... or after dinner to reach the goal of 30 minutes per day. I am lucky as I have a 15 minute walk to and from work so I get mine but would like to do more. Even shopping at the weekend is great exercise and a great excuse for shopping!

  • Have sex with your partner... need I say more - it's fun - energetic and completely satisfying!

  • Park your car in the farthest spot when you need to be out, even this can add to your exercise consumption

  • Take a family walk after dinner... sometimes me and Rob walk around the village on a Sunny evening its a great way to also get back in touch with nature!

  • Walk your dog... or you boyfriend!

  • Play in the park, have a little game of football or tennis, this is a fun activity as well as a good measure of exercise.

  • Wash your car by hand... not only do you save on the pennies but you also burn the calories!

  • Ask a friend to exercise with you, this gives you motivation and encouragement it is also a very social exercise to do.

  • Walk briskly at the shops or your destination.

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift!

  • Do the housework, its amazing how much work you can put into it!

So with this in mind you have no excuses! Try some of them and see please leave me your comments!

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