Friday, 25 April 2008

Healthy Salmon Chinese Stir-fry!

It's late on a Tuesday evening after work and i'm not sure what to cook, I want optimum health food but without the hassle of cooking… so I thought how about a Chinese stir-fry? If you don't have a love for Oriental cooking perhaps try my Vegetarian Duckey Stir-fry!

RECIPE: A crunchy, flavourful assortments of Chinese stir-fried vegetables mixed with warmed flaked salmon, coated in soya sauce, on a bed of sesame noodles coated with roasted cashew nuts.

You will need:

½ can of water chestnuts
1 pack of flaked Salmon
1 bunch of Chok Poi
Sliced fresh ginger
Red pepper
Dark Soya Sauce
2 packs of wholegrain noodles
Sesame seeds
25g cashew nuts

1. In a wok pre-heat using 1 calorie spray and toast some sesame seeds

2. Along side boil some wholegrain noodles

3. Chop and wash your Chinese vegetables and insert into the hot wok

4. After about 3 minutes add some Dark Soya Sauce

5. Keep stirring occasionally until vegetables soften and add the flaked Salmon and cashew nuts

6. To serve insert the noodles into a bowl

7. Top with the Salmon stir-fry mixture

You have a quick easy healthy meal for two people.

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