Sunday, 15 June 2008

How to create your own home gym...

To create a home gym that will provide you with a full body workout (cardio, strength and flexibility)

£1000 budget...


The best option for cardio equipment as it has a multipurpose used for running, walking, and even some leg training. You can change the speed, incline and track your performance and calorie burning! You can watch your fitness levels improve.

Full dumbbell set with a range of weights

Perfect for light toning to intermediate strength training to building muscles.
Fitness Ball

My favourite piece of equipment as it has so many options for toning, strengthening and stretching all part of your body!

Resistance Band

For strength training… or an alternate source to free weights.

Step Bench

Can be used for both cardio workouts and strength training workouts, you can get some great videos to help!

For a budget of £100...

Dumbbell set
Fitness Ball

Resistance Band

Jump Rope

Offers very challenging cardiovascular fitness workouts at a very low price

If you want a total body home gym but can only afford less than £100…

Three dumbbells sizes (5, 10 and 15 pounds)

Resistance Band

Jump Rope

Exercise Video

FREE exercise…

Run around the village or park

Free standing exercise

Chair squats

Sit ups using your bed frame

Stair climbs

Fill and lift milk jugs or flour



Grocery shopping

Light walks


Dancing for 20 minutes

There are so many options you just need to be creative!


Jj said...

Wow, that picture is one awesome home gym, but no room for that here. I'll have to stick to those freebie ideas! :)

Rachel Ducker said...

It really is I put it on as a great example. I hope the ideas are useful JJ! Thanks for your comment! If you come up with anything else let me know! Duckey :)