Thursday, 29 May 2008

How to Tan Safely and in Style!

Now a days having a tan is “trendy” and with our summer being a little on the rubbish side people have resorted to tanning safely the “fake” way. Now I don’t mean fake as in visiting your local tan booth this I would not recommend but why not try the “do it yourself” self tanners.

I am guilty of this and have even resorted to a spray tan at one stage this summer as I have booked a late summer holiday and feeling rather pasty! The spray tan I indulged in was at my local beauty parlour, now you have to be a little brave as you get to wear paper knickers and show your boobs to the beauty therapist but the result is worth it and last for 10-12 days.

HOWEVER a few tips:

Don’t shower for 8 hours after this has been done
Careful when you first come out as your still tacky and you can easily smudge yourself (if this happens use nail varnish remover!)
Be careful on hot nights and this could stain your bed or your clothes in fact
When it wears of be prepared for a few streaks!

Alternatively the “do it yourself” products I spoke about earlier are just as good! I am currently using the Johnson light building tanner in dark.

It builds a natural tone and I don’t have that pasty feeling. You can do this one twice or every other day to your desired look.

I don’t promote tanning salons or over excessive outdoor sunning, this causes a lot of sun damage and can lead to skin cancer, everyone is susceptible to skin cancer. No matter how light or dark your skin is, we all have to be protect ourselves by using sunblock and wearing protective clothing.

If you have a holiday coming up of course like me you love to get a tan and relax in the sun but you can do this safely!

A few tips to safe sunning:
  • Use a good daily moisturizer—any moisturizer from Neutrogena with sun protection will do the trick. They're great and very light on the skin.
  • Protect the parts we forget we have – Your scalp, ears, toes!
  • Don't forget to protect your eyes. A great pair of fashionable sunglasses that offer broad spectrum protection are also a must-have.
  • A sun hat – it looks good and protects
  • Protect your lips with sunscreen, too – use an SPF 30 Pocket Sticks for Lips Only.

Your health is important and although sunning yourself may seem harmless if done over excessively this could prove fatal to your health!

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