Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Millionaire Cocktail

I am a girl who loves cocktails but as we all know the items they sometimes include in cocktails aren't always that great for the waistline... so if you want to feel a million dollars and sip a drink that tastes like it try this version I have discovered!...

RECIPE: A millionares cocktail blended with pureed crushed strawberries, cool vodka and fresh mint leaves, poured and strained into a delicate Martini glass garnished with a red rose petal.

Glass: Martini
Garnish: Fresh mint leaf

You will need: (makes one cocktail)

50ml rose vodka
50ml puréed fresh strawberries
2 fresh mint leaves
splash of lime juice

1. Mash the mint, strawberries and lime together

2. Add the vodka and shake over ice

3. Strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a fresh mint leaf and red rose petal for elegance!

Great for a special occasion party or simply for summer drinking!

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