Friday, 30 May 2008

My top tips for a less lazy summer!

Summertime is here and we have all heard of the phrase “the lazy days of summer” However this doesn’t apply to those of us trying to “shape up for the summer!” I find summer time extremely busy with work, social events and we all want to be out enjoying the sunshine… so I hear you cry… what do we do?

Here are a few tips…

Schedule in daily exercise into your summer routine, staying in shape does take some forward planning, keep it like you would keep an appointment or meeting, you must have a least half an hour to schedule this in per day. I get up early before work to do so in the morning or just after work in the evening.

Don’t leave the house without bringing healthy foods for snacking, pack your bag with some oatcakes, rice cakes or health bars… apples are great too! This means you don’t stop at the nearest fast food restaurant and if you do eat out… eat fresh and natural low fat foods or sandwiches!

If you feel like your having a bad week then simply cut back on higher calorie foods, you are in control. Eat more fruit and vegetables instead of carbs or up your protein intake as this is low fat and will keep you full for longer. Also step up your exercise a notch! Fewer calories with more being burned should help you becoming balanced again.

Take advantage of the summer season and buy the fruit and vegetables that’s in season. Strawberries are wonderful – they are healthy and eliminate your sweet cravings!

Invent your summer to be a three month luxury trip with indulgent smoothies for breakfast and switch to berries and skimmed milk! Maybe take up swimming what a better way to cool down in the summer or take up a sport such as tennis! I love tennis on a sunny day!

Choose your most upbeat music to play, when the sun is shinning and your favourite tunes playing it can completely change your mood.

Join a fitness class… not only can you get fit but you can make some great friends to socialise with!Make sure you drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day… this will help hunger and prevent dehydration.

Dress sexy… it is summer after all and after this you should have an amazing body to show, it will help your confidence and leave you feeling great! Don’t forget a few important accessories those all important shades and a big smile! Your confidence will encourage your state of mind and now only will you look fit but feel fit too.
If you are planning a summer holiday then make sure there is access to a fitness suite, swimming pool or do what I do and run around the block in the blazing sun three times (the locals will think you are mad mind you!)

Stay positive... remind yourself daily what you are working for in most cases it isn’t about being slim at all but having the confidence to love yourself and feel at your best. So look good and feel great! Follow my tips and let me know how you get on!

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