Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Post workout recovery foods…

Often after you exercise you don’t feel too hungry but that’s not to say that your body doesn’t need food. It needs this to restore itself and build new muscle. Usually I will always do a workout before eating for two reasons…

1. If you eat before you feel sluggish and bloated before exercise
2. For the reason that your body benefits from restocking its energy after exercise.

Experts say you should consume your recovery foods within the first ½ hour of exercise.

You should eat...

Easy, digestible carbohydrates such as:

*Peanut butter sandwich on brown bread
*Bowl of cereal
*Cereal bars

Then after…

*Fruit Smoothies

Apparently adding protein to a starchy base offer quality low fat carbs.

This will not only help improve your restoration but also keeps you healthy and in good spirits!

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