Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Plenty of good exercise all around the house…

So we all hate doing our chores but recent studies have suggested that housework can actually be doing you a favour!

Personally you may think I’m crazy but I love doing the housework… it clears my head, gives me a sense of satisfaction and the magic bit… it’s a workout in disguise!

Think of all the stretching, lifting back and forthing with the hoover, you work many muscle groups and burn calories! So you work out and then can spend time relaxing in your freshly cleaned house!

Even gardening is great for you, unfortunately I don’t have a garden as we live in a flat but if you do have one make the most of it, while your digging or planting you are actually working out! You also get the bonus of growing great fruit and veg to continue your health plan!

You can also do these at any time (weather permitting if outside) in the morning, in your lunch break, after work or in the evening! It’s a great stress reliever and takes your mind of a worry or an issue if you have one. I really recommend it!

*** special note – make sure all messy people in your house hold agree to keeping it clean! I mean you don’t want to over exercise either!***

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