Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tips on how to make a healthy sandwich!


1. Easy on the Mayo

Some full fat Mayonnaise brands can be heavy on the waistline however when using sauces I use extra light mayo or light salad cream. Even a light spreading of healthy hummus can be tasty!

2. Use brown bread

Brown bread is much healthier than white bread so choose a brand with wholegrain and seeds

3. Cancel the butter

It contains lots of saturated fat, a light spread could replace this or if you cant go without butter use something like Flora light

4. Use lots of salad

Its the best way to get your five a day!

5. Make it protein heavy

Use lots of meat, fish and eggs, protein makes you feel full and satisfied for longer

6. Cut out the extras

If you have the main filling do you really need cheese? This is how many sandwiches become fattening!

7. Serve without crisps

Replace your dirty crisps with some healthy carrot sticks or salad on the side

8. Herb-tastic

Adding some herbs can add wonderful flavours to your sandwich

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