Thursday, 10 July 2008

Fruit and Yogurt Bagels...

Bagels can come in two forms sweet or savoury! I wanted to experiment with a dessert.

These bagels actually had less calories than 2 pieces of bread so added with fruit and yogurt makes a filling yet healthy dessert.

I wouldn’t recommend these after a large meal but ideal if you have had something light like salad and still have a little hunger craving.

RECIPE: Warmed sweet bagels, served with a coating of yogurt with layered fruit and glazed with honey.

You will need:

1 Cranberry and Cinnamon bagel
1 pack of fresh raspberries
1 pot of low fat prune yogurt

To make:

1. Cut the bagel in half

2. Toast the bagel halves under the grill

3. Once warm spoon on the yogurt mixture

4. Add a circle of raspberries

5. Squeeze over a drizzling of honey

So good and so tasty!

1 comment:

Pomai said...

What an interesting combination: prune yogurt and raspberries, eh? Sounds weird, but I bet it tastes delicious!

You don't suppose I could exchange the yogurt for cream cheese, do ya? lol No way, not on this blog!