Thursday, 10 July 2008

Duckeys Healthy Trifle Heaven!

I was stuck for a dessert and wanted something which was a healthy treat, temping, tasty but not too high in calories! Is it too much to ask for? No!

So I saw a recipe for a fruit trifle... again in BBC good food magazine but sadly it wasn't healthy, so to make it healthier I replaced the Madeira cake with some Whisky Fruit Cake I found in Waitrose. It was actually healthier believe it or not and tasty!

I then replaced all cream and custard aspects with fat free Fromage Frais and fat free yogurt! Also replacing nuts with white chocolate chips and the raspberries remained a healthy ingredient as before!

RECIPE: Healthy indulgent raspberry trifle made from a base of whisky fruit cake, layers of fromage frais and strawberry yogurt and raspberries topped with white chocolate chips.

You will need:

1 box of fresh raspberries
1 pot of fat free yogurt (I used strawberry)
½ pot fat free fromage frais
1 pack of white chocolate chips
½ waitrose whisky fruit cake

To make:

1. Cut a section of waitrose whisky fruit cake and layer in the bottom of a glass dish

2. Add a few spoonfuls of fat free fromage frais

3. Layer on top of this some raspberries

4. Then apply the yogurt until the glass bowl is full

5. To decorate add 5 raspberries and white chocolate chips

6. You will then be left with a healthy piece of trifle heaven! Guilt free!

Trifles can be made in many different ways, they can include sponges, jelly, alchohol and many more unhealthy ingredients!

I believe trifle can be however you make it - in the eys of the beholder shall we say. So there are no rules or restrictions just let yourself go in the kitchen and create a trifle bespoke to your tastes. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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