Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Can you tell the difference between Quorn and Steak?

If you are a vegetarian it may be nice to know
that there are meat substitutes on the market, one that I have been testing lately is "Quorn."

Some people see this as "fake" meat and are totally against it before even giving it a try. The Quorn meals in particular, contain a unique product, such as you would find in pro-biotic yogurts. This is called mycoprotein. It is part of the fungi family, as are mushrooms.

More advantages are:

  • Its high quality protein
  • It is naturally low in fat
  • It contains very few calories
  • It contains essential dietary fibre, which helps the digestive system
  • It doesn’t contain any cholesterol
  • It is completely meat free
You can find a range of meals, grills, sausages, burgers, Deli slices.

To put Quorn to the test I used Rob as my experiment! Being a big meat eater I told him I was cooking steak... but didnt say what kind of Steak. So I cooked Quorn steaks and served them to him with some noodles and stir fry vegetables.

Now me being clever I really thought he might not notice... but being a meat lover he took one bite and guessed. So this failed the test of it tasting exactly like meat, but that didnt mean it wasn't tasty!

Personally I think they make a refreshing change from meat and hold a different flavour. I am not always the biggest meat eater as I find it hard to digest sometimes. I have also tried the sausages which are really delicious!

Perhaps you should try it... test somebody you know today! I am interested to hear your views on Quorn so let me know!


Veggie Carrie said...

I am vegetarian and love Quorn products. My meat-eating husband is happy to eat Quorn too. However, we don't like the peppered steak, as we find it too peppery. The Quorn escalopes are much nicer in my opinion.

Interesting to see you have had bad experiences in Zizzi too. I have been there twice (to different branches) and had slow service and burnt food both times. Never again!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Veggie Carrie. Helen is a vegetarian but I like my meat! We both enjoy Quorn products, but the peppered steak is not the best of their products.

Plus, for me there is no substitute for a steak from the butcher, its my absolute favourite. But rather than chips I prefer a nice fresh salad and new potatoes grown at home, Yum.

Rachel Ducker said...

True its not like the real deal but its low fat and still pretty tasty!

The quorn sausages are much nicer!

I am getting around to trying more products!

Duckey x

Anonymous said...

We use the Quorn Chicken Pieces and Veggie Mince the most in stir frys, rice dishes and bolognese.

Its got zero fat, tastes exactly the same!

In fact - good point this - a few years ago helen made a bolognese using real mince without telling me and I asked her why it tasted different because it wasn't as good as she normally makes (a difficult question for man to ask of his wife if he values his internal organs)

Helen replied that it was real mince! I had become accustomed and preferred the Quorn mince!