Monday, 21 July 2008

Salmon and Cream Cheese Pita Breads with vegetables

Salmon is a great fish to cook with but sometimes apart from roasting it, poaching it and adding a sauce it can be quite simple to cook. I wanted a healthy meal which wasn't to heavy, but a little bit indulgent and unique to eat. So I thought instead of plain oven roasted salmon with a sauce lets create something more creative using some cream cheese, spices and pita bread.

Pita bread (the wholemeal kind) isn't too bad for you, which makes up the carbohydrate element of your meal and salmon, which is the protein element, is rich in Omega 3 and contains all of your essential nutrients. Serve this with some vegetables you have a very healthy balanced meal.

RECIPE: A luxurious Salmon fillet embedded on a toasted pita bread layered with warmed hummous, cream cheese and wholegrain mustard served with fresh vegetables.

You will need:

2 Salmon fillets
Dill seasoning
2 teaspoons of hummus, wholegrain mustard and cream cheese (light version)
2 pita breads (wholemeal)
Fresh vegetables (Carrots, peas and broccoli)

To make:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees once warmed, sprinkle the Salmon with Dill and insert

2. After about 20 minutes layer the hummus, mustard and cream cheese on top of the pita bread

3. Insert this in the oven to warm for 1 minute

4. Remove the pita bread shortly followed by the Salmon

5. Slice the Salmon into strips and layer on top of the Pita Bread

6. Serve with fresh vegetables or a side dish of your choice, add a sprig of basil to finish.

This really hit the spot, there was lots of flavours textures and it was really simple to make. It proves that cooking healthy food is not hard work.

Sometimes you just need to get a little creative with it.

Let me know what you think?


Pomai said...

Sounds yummy, Rachael!

I'm not a salmon fan, but when the preparation is creative enough, I'll eat it.

I suppose you could also place the cooked salmon in a pita "pocket" and eat it sandwich style.

I know one thing for sure, Salmon with dill weed and cream cheese are best friends!

I'm curious to taste how the Hummus gets along with the Salmon.

Rachel Ducker said...

Hummus and Salmon makes a great combo! The garlic compliments it!

Sometimes the strangest of ingredients fit!

Duckey x