Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Why I love Jamie Oliver!!!

Jamie Oliver is a funky little monkey! It is the only way I can describe him!

He has charisma, charm and he's a bloody good cook! I love the way he describes his food with images, flow charts and he has a really down to earth approach in demonstrating his cooking.

I mean check out this clip from "The Naked Chef"

He knew at 16 he wanted to become a chef so he went to Westminster Catering College and spend some time cooking in France. He then returned to work as head pastry chef for Antonio Carluccio at The Neal Street Restaurant.

He then worked three years for Ruth Rogers at the River Café where he was spotted for his "cheeky" approach to cooking and "The Naked Chef" was born!

With various campaigns over the last few years to promote healthy eating to our children and his most recent show "Jamie at Home" he is an inspirational chef. The fact he cares about are society is pretty rare so I take my hat off to jamie!

He also made famous the word "Pukka" and I think he looks rather like my partners brother? Don't you think?

I know a lot of people who don't share my views but I would be interested to know what you think?


R. Shack said...

I love him, and have had a 'chef-crush' on him for ages :)

I love how he uses 'real' ingredients in everything and how he's an "everything in moderation" kind of person.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone not like Jamie???

He is the best chef on the planet! He is so entertaining and makes cooking look fun and simple as though anyone can do it - even the likes of me!

Thumbs up for Jamie!

Rachel Ducker said...

He is great huh!

Duckey x