Friday, 25 July 2008

Duckey gets fit week... Day 1... Friday

So lets start with today day one:

Well hopefully I wont have to change much of my routine just be careful with those evil treat I crave or find replacements! I am going to try and cut out coffee, so I am upping the green tea!

6.30am – half hour of yoga

7.30am – Breakfast

For breakfast today I had a bowl of wholegrain shredded wheat with skimmed milk.

They recommend lots of whole grains which shredded wheat contains. For more information on healthy cereals see my Cereals post.

8.30am – 15 minute power walk into work

9am – Glass water

12. 00pm – Green tea - this replaces normal tea / coffee

1.45pm - Snack – 2 organic rice cakes

1.50pm – Green tea

2pm – 10 minute walk

2.30pm – lunch - 1 Apple and 1 carrot with another rice cake

Fruit and vegetables are good to help lower pmt levels.

5.00pm – 15 minute walk

5.50pm - Pre-gym snack of 5 dates

6.00pm – 1 hour at the gym...

• 20 minutes of cross training
• 10 minutes of weights, including leg and arm work
• 10 minutes of pull ups
• 10 minutes of sit ups
• 10 minutes stretch

7.30pm – Dinner

Baxters Autumn vegetable soup served with salad and a chicken salad wrap

8.30pm - 45 minutes of "private" exercise

9.00pm - Dessert

Fresh fruit salad (apricot - plum and kiwi) with low fat cherry yogurt

9.30pm - 50 rolls on the ab trainer

10pm - Green Tea

I think this has been a successful day and I am already starting to feel cleansed. I have done about 3 hours of exercise and kept a well balanced diet.


Anonymous said...

I noticed a lot during your get fit week that you eat dessert at about 9pm and then do 50 rolls on the ab trainer!

How do you do exercise right after eating dinner and dessert without getting sick in your mouth?

I prefer to work out straight after work before eating. I also enjoy the poison that is coffee x

ps: If you want tips for anxiety & Stress I'll exchange them for tips on how to start Yoga as a complete beginner. I'm going to start training for your back stretch bridge position tonight :)

Rachel Ducker said...

Would love to exchange tips!

I never had a problem with eating then exercising i think i must have a fast metabolism!

I always used to eat right before a kuk sool class!

Coffee is a sinner but at certain times a winner!

Duckey x

Anonymous said...

When I first started Kuk Sool as a 19 yr old I could eat before class - but since turning 30 its very different and I can't do it anymore! Metabolism is definitely a contributing factor so I agree with you there. I liked your dad's post about metabolism too that was an interesting read.

I used to be able to troff whatever I wanted and never put on weight - now thats not the case and I'm having to work very hard at maintaining what I've got - even harder if I want to get fit.

You'll be pleased to know my get fit week starts today!!

Thanks for the motivation! Now I'm on it!

Miss Morpheus said...

I once made the mistake of eating dinner before a Kuk Sool class. It was about three hours before but my digestive system is really slow and I nearly passed out because I just don't have enough blood to supply my muscles, brain and stomach all at the same time!

By the way, I love your blog. I've been inspired to start planning my own get fit week, using some of your recipes and I'm going to get up ten minutes earlier to do sun salutations.

Rachel Ducker said...

Thanks Miss M!

I am glad it has encouraged you to do your own get fit week!

You will be amazed by the mental benefits you gain as well as the physical!

Duckey x