Saturday, 26 July 2008

Duckey gets fit week... Day 2... Saturday

On day two:

Yesterday I feel I did great but weekends are always more of a challenge. Usually on a Saturday I will have a coffee and let my hair down so that's the hardest thing about today!

As a different type of exercise today we are playing tennis! We have courts booked at 3pm!

I also have a meal at at The Crown in Turners Hill with Rob's brother and his girlfriend Georgina. So I will try and be as good as I can whilst out however sometimes to keep social slight sacrifices have to be made.

I am beginning to remember after one day how unhappy I was before when I used to be so controlling over my diet. So although being so strict is not good its bringing back home again that life is for living and you shouldn't sacrifice it for being seriously strict. Still one week to sit it out!

9.30pm - 30 minutes of "private exercise"

10.00 am – half hour of yoga

10.30am - Green Tea

12.00pm - 20 minute walk around town

1 pm – Lunch out at Savannah's Carrot and Coriander soup with brown bread and 1 earl grey tea (black)

3pm - 1 hour of tennis

4.30pm - 1 green tea and glass of water with a few dates to perk up my sugar levels

5.00pm - 30 minutes of Yoga

6.00pm - Another Green Tea

6.30pm - 50 rolls on the ab machine

8.00pm - Dinner at The Crown

1 cranberry juice and soda water

Sea bass with sweet potato and green beans

9.30pm - Dessert

Fresh strawberries

10.30pm - Green Tea

Today yet again another successful day with heaps of exercise and managed to eat a healthy meal out! So it proves this can be done with good self discipline! A few tips can be found on my eating out tips page.


aTxVegn said...

You have a really great blog! Thank you for your kind email. The only way to get people to visit your site is to leave comments on their blogs. That way they can easily find you, pop over, and then leave a comment for you.

Rachel Ducker said...

Thanks atxvegn!

I will be sure to check out your blog

Duckey x