Sunday, 27 July 2008

Duckey gets fit week... Day 3... Sunday

On day three:

Despite heading out for a meal last night I thought I handled it pretty well and maintained my healthy eating challenge.

Temptations are always there but to be honest I enjoyed my meal just as much and if not more as I didn't have the doubt of picking something that was really bad for me.

Today we didn't have many plans it was just going to be a typical Sunday, however we ended up spending the sunny afternoon in Brighton and took a trip to the crazy sealife centre... honestly not worth the money but funny all the same!

9.45am - Breakfast A bowl of Shredded Wheat with a drizzle of honey with skimmed milk

10.15 am – half hour of yoga

11.00am - one hour at the gym

  • 15 minutes on the cross trainer
  • 10 minutes on the wave machine
  • 5 minutes on the arm bike
  • 10 minutes on arm and leg weights
  • 10 minutes of pull ups
  • 10 minutes of sit ups
  • 2 minutes on running machine

2.00pm - Lunch at Zilli's in Brighton

(I only ate half) Small salad c
onsisting of tuna, bean and onion, butternut squash and mushroom and fennel with rocket 1 fresh strawberry and apple juice

2.30pm - 2 1/2 hours walk around town (including sealife centre)

7.00pm - Dinner

M&S dine in for £10 meal
Pesto chicken with vegetables and corn pasta with peas

8.00pm - Dessert - M&S Summer Fruit Pudding

This is low in calories and fat and so fruity a really top tip on a tasty healthy dessert!

10.30pm - Water

So again another successful day, plus I always think weekends are harder as you have more time to be tempted by naughty things! Sometimes when your working your too busy to snack.

I must say, today I feel quite tired and have a bit of a headache whether this is done to my healthy detox or just a tiring weekend!

So i'm off to bed!


R. Shack said...

You're doing so well on your "get fit week" and you're inspiring me along the way!!!

Rachel Ducker said...

Hi R.Shack

I am glad you feel inspired I hope that you can take something from this!

Duckey x