Thursday, 21 August 2008

Duckeys famous stack

Last night I made a simple but fancy dish using my homemade wholemeal crumpet recipe.

I must admit I think its probably the most aesthetic dish I have created to date and I was impressed with the textures flavours and tastes.

RECIPE: Duckeys famous stack, created on a bed of rocket salad, with a homemade wholemeal crumpet topped with spinach a salmon fillet and poached egg layered with a mustard and yogurt sauce, topped with a herb from my herb garden.

You will need:

2 of Duckeys homemade crumpets

2 salmon fillets
Cooked spinach
2 tbsn fat free yogurt
1 bag of Rocket salad
1 teaspoon of Wholegrain and Dijon mustard
2 eggs poached

1. I started off by cooking the salmon fillets for 20 minutes in the oven, I sprinkled these with Dill and Chilli flakes for extra flavour

2. I then warmed the crumpets and cooked some frozen Spinach in the microwave

3. Poach an egg for just over one minute using my Duckey egg poaching technique

4. On a plate cover the base with a Rocket Salad

5. Apply a warmed crumpet

6. Add on top the spinach followed by the cooked Salmon fillet

7. Then apply the poached egg and cover in a sauce made from simply mixed yogurt and mustard.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can eat it hold or cold so perfect summer / winter food for any occasion.

If you pre-make the crumpets this recipe will not take longer than 20 minutes for the Salmon to cook. Of course you could always use cold smoked Salmon or shop bought crumpets but I wanted to try a healthy alternative to the white shop bought crumpets.

Let me know what you think of the recipe.


Martin Ducker said...

Can you come home this weekend and cook for us, we are all decorated out!!!! Those crumpets will do just fine. Mum

All Vegged Out said...


Too bad I don't eat salmon... but I'm going to have to make this for my boyfriend who is convinced that I can't cook (just because I can't make pancakes lol). Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel Ducker said...

Awww thats nice of you! Well you prove him wrong!

Perhaps leave the Salmon out or replace it with something else?

Adapt to your own liking but thanks for commenting

Duckey x

Lorraine E said...

That looks phenomenal! I don't think anyone would feel as though they were missing out (as some feel with healthy food) with that!