Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A healthy mind... Make your goal list!

Sometimes becoming healthy is not just reliant upon the physical aspects. If your mind is healthy then I believe this is sure to have an effect on the state of mind when physical improvements are made.

The mind is like a chameleon, not only does it daily change but by the hour, minute or second in colour, shape and thoughts.

In my experience it always helps me when I'm feeling stressed or have lots of ideas I want to unleash to make lists.

I think it is important to us a people to have a list of goals we want to achieve, so to start the ball rolling I have listed some of mine below.

Things I want to do....

  • Start my own business
  • Start my own cake baking business
  • Visit Italy
  • Buy my own property
  • See my blog grow and grow
  • Get engaged one day to the perfect man and have a family
  • See my family more
  • Earn more than £35,000 a year
  • Stock my kitchen with funky products and add to my home
  • Write my own cook / health book
  • Eat in Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant
  • Visit New York

Well guys today is day one of my mission to slowly achieve these goals, remember they aren't there to be completed by tomorrow but to give your life more purpose and giving you a target to aim for.


All Vegged Out said...

Ooo can I be on the list of friends to make cakes for?

Italy, yes yes yes!

Get engaged...... good one!

I love this list, but I'm a little scared that mine would take up a few too many pages to write up ;)

Rachel Ducker said...

Of course I will make cup cakes for you!

He he yes i dont think my boyfriend has seen that goal yet! :)

I think its a work in progress!

Duckey x