Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Freckles are in fashion!

Yes that’s right people apparently appearance is top priority in our society, not only does the media encourage us to loose weight, diet, eat healthy but now they are saying its cool to have freckles!

What will be next? Will we have people going to artificially make themselves up with freckles?

Luckily for me the news today says “I’m well cool” as I have my own set of secret freckles!

Now having lived with them I can understand that this is a really personal issue, however luckily mine are hidden and not many people who know me will know this as when I was at school I was made fun of.

I was called “alien” or “dirty,” as you know kids at school can be hurtful so I can’t imagine what its like for someone with full face on freckles.

So here is my secret... I have a set of 41 freckles on the left back of my neck. My mum used to tell me when I was little that when the fairy came to sprinkle my freckles on my body she slipped and fell over!

This was a real comfort growing up but I would hide my freckles at all costs.

The Independent News stated this morning “If you grow up freckled in England, you get a bashing. It's that simple.”

So why the sudden change is this just a phase or are we desperate to try and invent a new trend so much we take something negative and turn it positive?

It’s not until I became older I realised that they were part of my identity and they in fact separate me from everyone else.

I love my freckles now and they are a unique feature of Rachel Ducker, but what annoys me is how the media have the cheek to now to suddenly make these trendy! Its almost saying that before now having freckles wasn’t “cool”?

Well whether I’m in with the in crowd or out my message on Duckeys Health Corner is this:

“We all have our own identities so no matter what the media says we should feel proud of every unique feature we have.”

Check out these babies!

Duckey x

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