Friday, 1 August 2008

Duckeys Get Fit Week... The Verdict!

Well I have reached the end of “Duckeys Get Fit Week” and I have learnt and discovered a lot from doing it. The photo is how I feel right now!

I have realised that it is so important to have a healthy balanced lifestyle, for your mind and body, assisting them to work together.

It has finally sunken in that food = fuel and you need this to have enough energy to get through your day to day routine.

I will admit before this week I had PMT, I felt flumpy, I was frustrated with the way I felt which added to my stresses even more so.

It was hard at first to get into my extra strict healthy routine at first (most people who know me will think what is she talking about she’s already super health conscious but I felt I had began to slacken slightly) however once the week progressed I started to feel the positive effects.

My body feels tighter; my mind feels clearer and my head – guilt free so I feel much more relaxed and happy.

Sometimes if you feel like you’ve had a bad few weeks one week like this can make you feel right back on it again! The will power and strength to do the exercise can be hard but when you set a goal this will encourage you to keep on going.

In having a get fit week I have learnt the following:

• I have come a long way since having “eating issues” I no longer eat just one rice cake a day and I am a lot happier now than the sad, depressed, unwell and underweight person I was back then.
• Although I feel much more able to let my hair down I still need to be less tense about what I eat and how many times I exercise and be a little more spontaneous!

• I am much more beautiful on the inside when I don’t place so much control over my eating, I can be an ugly negative person sometimes when I snap or freak out about food its not attractive at all.

• Having an eating issue has left me to feel very vulnerable and scared in certain situations it really affected my confidence levels and now I am aware of this I want to address it.

• In having one super fit week like this it will make me feel much better and able to relax during other weeks, knowing I can get right back to my fitness peak again.

• Having goals really do work and keep you motivated.

• It has made me realise I don’t want to go back to the dark place I spent two and a half years in and I would rather be more athletic and healthy than underweight and gaunt!

I will admit I am a perfectionist but nobody is perfect and it doesn’t matter how hard you try to be, overall I have discovered that each and every one of us is unique, we all have different body shapes, metabolisms, habits, lifestyles and personalities’ being unique is what makes us the people we are.

So although sometimes I may still have times when I am fussy about what I eat, nights where I just need to go to the gym to clear my head and days where sometimes I still have that little voice inside my head telling me the negative things I no longer want to listen to that is me, it’s the way I am so please accept me for being that way. I myself have and learned to like myself again for it.

Ultimately life is for living and like my mum says “life is not a rehearsal.” Its amazing how much this week has had a positive effect on me and how much I have realised about myself and other people.

Although I cant ever imagine going back to having an eating problem in a way experiencing it, living it is no regret of mine. Sometimes in life we go through these tests to gain understanding, learn and to fulfil a deeper purpose.

So from here on lets live life for the moment!

Love Duckey x


Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! Well done on your week I've enjoyed reading.

Like you say in your blog about being a perfectionist, I love the line from a famous movie:
"There are no perfect people in this world - only perfect intentions" That says it all to me.

Have goals! You must have goals in life - you wouldn't get on a plane to go on holiday where the pilot had no goal or destination in mind!!

Loving the blog!

Rachel Ducker said...

I am glad you enjoyed reading about my Get Fit Week Jon!

I like your quote! Perhaps you should have your own get fit week! :)


Pomai said...

You look great!

Even better than how you LOOK is how much better you say you FEEL, which, to me is just as important, if not more.

Proper eating certainly makes the mind clearer. Much better than the mental(-ly retarded) state one gets in after wolfing down a Big Mac. lol

Rachel Ducker said...

Thanks Pomai, well i'm sure it certainly helps the mind and gives a guilt free mind!

I would recommend a get fit week to anyone!

Duckey x