Thursday, 4 September 2008

My top 5 ingredients...

When I cook I tend to use lots of the same ingredients... this is due to a few different factors:

1) I like the way they taste

2) I like the health benefits

3) The look of the food

So here they are in order of importance...

  • Strawberries - Great to sweeten up a dessert they are healthy and look beautiful

  • Wholegrain mustard - Great to add as a sauce to a dish, put in a sandwich and add flavour to any meal

  • Wholemeal Pita bread - Can accompany a meal or be a meal, the health substitute to a sandwich or wrap

  • Yogurt - Again can be used with stawberries to creat a dessert, or can be used in savory dishes to create a crust on meat or sauce in pasta dishes

  • Chilli Flakes - Always a great ingredient to hand to spice up my dishes, you can sprinkle on main meals, add to soups and even mix with chocolate. Using spices is a healthy alternative to sauces.
Let me know your top 5!

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