Tuesday, 9 September 2008

How much do YOU spend on food each week?

Now this is something that I try and budget for the food bills (and my kitten Ralphie) and at first we made an allowance of £50 per week for food which equals to £200 per month.

Though we notice it fluctuates depending on if we eat out, make food last or shop smartly.

I aim now to spend £30 a week but I think its items such as cleaning products and other household items like dishwasher tablets which are costly.

It is so easy with all these tasty products on the market to think oh well, as a treat I’ll have that.

I usually do these with Organic Yogurt or fruit such as fresh figs. I have some top tips below to help you keep to a budget.

* Stock up on canned goods they will last a while and can accompany many foods

* Always check the bargain sections usually on the end of the isle

* Get 2 for 1 offers

* Buy freezable items you can freeze your meat, bread and frozen products

* Don’t go food shopping when your hungry you’ll be too tempted to purchase based on what your stomach tells you!

* Buy the shop brand usually you pay for the advertising of the flashy brands and basics taste no different!

On the news recently it has been reported that our food spend has increased, we spend 13% of our household income on food.

It is like to rise more in the future however there is good news... with the rise the supermarkets will compete with each other to keep our custom.

What do you think about the situation?

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