Saturday, 13 September 2008

Nutrition Advice... Keeping fit on holiday!

I am off on holiday this week!

Some of us book a holiday to relax, switch off and unwind leaving all your worries behind.

However how many of us are guilty and binge eating and drinking during this period?

Holidays should not by any means be a time to be strict with yourself after all that would destroy your relaxed mentality but it doesn’t mean you have to completely let yourself go!

So I have conjured up some tips from my own experience to help you along the way…

Keep your goals in mind

Before your holiday in most cases you have dieted to look good, perhaps lost 1-2 pounds a week however on holiday why not try to maintain this which means no weight loss or weight gain. In thinking healthy this is the secret.

Prepare yourself!

If you have a long journey ahead arrange healthy snacks to take in your bag with you this will stop the cravings for bad food when you get too hungry… airports can be filled with fast food joints! Resist!

Snacks keep your hunger at bay so pack a bottle of water, fruit, vegetable sticks, rice cakes or a health bar.

Hotel food!

Your in a new country so make the most of the different types of fruit on offer. Avoid the fattening croissants and Danishes at breakfast.

At dinner why not try the salads of course avoiding fattening cheeses or dressing. Some countries don’t offer low fat varieties however in my experience if you look around you will find skim milk for your hot drinks and cereal and low fat jams, rice cakes and yogurts.

A favourite breakfast of mine was cereal grains with fresh fruit and yogurt. You don’t want to get into bad habits on holiday as it will only make you struggle once your home!

I usually have a good breakfast and skip lunch then have a medium sized evening meal, I find I don’t get hungry in the sun but make sure I drink lots of water.

Think smart...

If your all inclusive its natural that you will want to make the most of the food and drink on offer.

You must remember how hard you worked to get into shape in the first place, I could think of nothing more depressing than to put on weight and not get into your favourite dress to show off your tan.

Look for healthy choices at the bar, try wine instead of creamy cocktails and easy on the bar nuts!

The dreaded appetisers

Bread, fattening dips, all nice but bad for the hips!

They add extra calories to your meal try something like olives that can be found in most good hotels.

They only contain around 12 calories where as bread a huge 170 calories. Vegetable soups are also a good option but again easy on the bread eat wholemeal if available.

Meat Feast!

Make sure if you chose meat to eat lean meats such as turkey or chicken, or even fish with plenty of veggies on the side.

Make the most of the traditional cuisine most hotels have theme nights where they show off their local dishes. Italy have tomato based pasta dishes, and fish in Portugal.

Don’t have to ditch the dessert!

Desserts don’t have to be unhealthy, its always good to ease that sweet craving!

Most hotels have a variety of yummy exotic fruit and maybe to make it more of a treat allow yourself one scoop of ice cream or yogurt. If you fancy something more try sharing it with your partner this means only half the calories! Clever!

You could even make sure you take a long walk after dinner to make you feel a little better!

Its all about being active!

This is a great time to get involved make friends and try new activities, try making a routine and taking a few laps in the pool before sunbathing or to cool off jump in the pool for another few!

Most hotels have activities such as stretching, water polo I love to take part as it also makes your day a bit more exciting than looking at the sky!

10. Have fun!

With all the above basic knowledge to follow you can’t go wrong!


Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant post Duckey and I admire your commitment. I work hard to lose weight and as soon as I'm on Spanish soil my brain goes into "holiday mode" and I forget all the rules and eat and drink way too much!

Then I get depressed when I get home.

Not this year.

We went to Spain, I ate and drank more than I would in the UK but not to extremes! I enjoyed the food I chose to eat and came home only one pound heavier than I left.

I had a great holiday and I was happy when I got home that I could still get my trousers on for work!

tokaiangel said...

Some really great tips here.

Not so sure I would be so quick to champion skipping lunch though...?

TA x

Rachel Ducker said...

Thanks for you comments guys... as you will here in a later blog post about my holiday, I did manage to eat quite well.

I think skipping lunch indeed could be tough depending on how much you are burning off. Most days I had a healthy brown sandwich or rice cakes with melon, however depending on your accomodation this can be challenging!

I am glad you found it useful!

Duckey x

Shivers said...

Great post! I seem to find that the second I enter an airport all sense of control or willpower goes out the window! I went to London a few weeks ago and tried to change my habits of the past - I brought muesli bars, fruit, raisins, mixed nuts. I even brought a little baggie of porridge flakes to use over there. I did great... until I met my sister in London.. and she innocently offered me a piece of fudge... I think the sugar went to my head because I don't remember much of the junk-fest that ensued!! :o)

I'll do better next time...

Rachel Ducker said...

Indeed! This time I packed oat cakes and a small bag of Almonds to snack on as my flight was only two hours.

Airports are full of the "burger kings" and I call it E numbers on toast as if you look at the back of the sandwiches no word of a lie there are about 50 E numbers! Amonst other terms i cant read!

Be prepared thats the best way!

Duckey x

Anonymous said...

Hey Duckey,

First time at your blog.

Great post! I think that there are lots of points you made that are applicable beyond just going on holiday - they work well in the day-to-day, too.

Your first two tips are something I've found myself implementing on a regular basis in my own effort to drop around 200 pounds. I started in January at a nasty 440 pounds, but am more than 100 down so far.

When I keep my goals in mind and adjust for what I know is coming my way (parties, cookouts, etc), then I can do well on the nutrition side of things.

I'm blogging through my life transformation. I'd love for you to drop by my weight loss blog, 4XLT, and check it out!

tokaiangel said...

I think you misunderstood - you mentioned in your post above that you skip lunch as part of your bid to keep healthy on holiday. What I meant was, do you think this is a healthy practice that should be encouraged?

(I popped over from Mizfit by the way, really enjoyed reading your meal makeover)

TA x

Rachel Ducker said...

Firstly congratualtions Will keep it up and i hope you stick at it.

Tokaiangel many thanks for visiting! I am glad you liked my post.

In answer to your question no I would not recommend skipping dinner everyday however I feel sometimes on holiday we have a different routine.

I would be guilty if I said i didnt skip lunch from time to time but like most people i eat when i'm hungry and usually in the heat I don't fancy 3 meals a day.

It depends on how much you do on holiday i find you dont burn as much energy if you sun-bathing.

Everyone is different and whilst I think skipping lunch is ok from time to time doing it everyday as i had done so in the past is not wise, you get moody snappy and start to become jealous of people who do eat lunch!

Thanks for your comment and good point!

Duckey x

Anonymous said...

Don't be too obsessive about your diet

Rachel Ducker said...

Yes your right we shouldnt be too obsessed by our diets.. however sometimes when you have an obsession its a hard habit to break.

I am trying to not be so obsessed and I did let go a little on my holiday, but until you understand the issues behind it, it is a very easy comment to make.

Duckey x