Thursday, 7 August 2008

Shame on Kelly... sold out to Kelloggs!

You can find the inspiration for a blog post everywhere!

This morning I was in my usual getting up routine and watching the commercials whilst eating my healthy bowl of oatmeal porridge when on comes an advert featuring Dame Kelly Holmes, she was advertising Kellogg’s cereals.

I think it is really good that she is promoting breakfast to younger children and adults however as an “athlete” as she mentions... she should be aware of the high amounts of sugar and fat in those cereals she is promoting.

Surely an athlete would be better advertising something like wholegrain, I mean I like Ian Bothams advertisement of Shredded Wheat as he makes a point of saying there is nothing added to this cereal except the whole-wheat!

Kelly states “I’m supporting Kellogg’s ‘Wake Up To Breakfast’ to help you and your kids perform at your very best, on the playing field, at school or at work...” Dame Kelly Holmes. Double Olympic Champion

Great Kelly but you could promote something a bit healthier than coco pops and rice krispies surely?

To me personally this seems hypocritical that an athlete would advertise this product and would in most case not ever plan on eating this themselves for breakfast. The next thing you know we’ll have David Beckham promoting McDonalds!

What do you think about this? Post your comments below!


Anonymous said...

I fully agree. Why do we keep getting cereal shoved down our throats at breakfast. It really doesn't help when a big name athlete starts promoting it.

I was watching BBC news the other morning and they did a feature on a "fat camp" for kids in Rotherham. They interviewed two obese kids whilst being fed cheerios by their obese mother. The segement then commented that the kids would be taught healthy eating habits. They then cross over to the camp live and show another young girl, very overweight, sitting down to a bowl of rice crispies and a glass of orange juice.

Great idea! Feed the poor girl loads of sugar to spike her insulin levels which her body is already having a tough time dealing with. This is the advice being given by supposed weight loss experts.

What hope do our children have when their parents are being told that this kind of crap is health for them?

Rachel Ducker said...

Exactly my point, no wonder we are having such problems with obesity when role models are sending out the wrong messages to kids and their parents.

Celebrities play a big influence in todays society and more fool us we listen!

It is so sad that this is happening I wish more people could promote healthy eating... I feel like a loner sometimes! lol

Duckey x

Anonymous said...

Thats why your blog is so good!!

Lets not forget that Mr Beckham is well known for advertising with a certain carbonated sugary drink. Ooops - I rephrase - a sugar free drink - it has just been filled with sweetners instead!

It does get on yer wick after a while and I also clocked that advert with Dame Kelly this morning while following your Yoga Basics Routine! Thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

Kelly Holmes is a muppet.

Today I find Kelly’s post Olympics antics very predictable. She relentlessly gets herself on any tv show going seemingly thinking her words are of great wisdom, but in fact she is rather dull.

At some point she obviously had the option to take the money and endorse the sugar coated excuse for a breakfast, or do the respectable thing and promote a cereal she actually would use herself.

What makes me most bored is the fake smile she puts on whilst presenting herself like she is the best role model since Ronald McDonald. Everyone with an ounce of common sense can see through her adverts/TV appearances and acknowledge our Kelly is clinging on to what ever will give her more $$$$’s on the back of her former glory, even it requires endorsing products which she repeatedly frowns upon when guest appearing on celebrity chef programmes….oh joy.

Rant over. However I do get the feeling I am going to become increasingly irritated with this Kelly Holmes over the coverage of the Olympic...not because I begrudge her previous achievement on the track, but her relentless efforts to get herself exposure on the back of anything going

Anonymous said...

Following on from my first comment, I see Daley Thomson is now the face of Nestle, hetting kids to eat smarties and fruit pastels.

When is it going to end?

Anonymous said...

got to admit partial to a blue smartie

Rachel Ducker said...

Fair enough I take your point that cereals aren't the most unhealthy thing within a diet, but there is growing concerns...

As for blue smarties apparently now they contain no artificial flavourings.

Back in the day when they did... if i was given these as a child, I would become hyporactive, have nightmares and wake up screaming in my sleep.

My main point here is that we should be promoting healthy nutritious foods for our kids and us surely?

Duckey x

Anonymous said...

I think that if Kelly was going to sell out to a cereal company, it should have been one healthier than kelloggs, but it is kinda cool coz one of my friends is on the back of the coco pops box, hehe. Still, Kelly should use her image for a more positive, healthy cause.