Friday, 8 August 2008

Calling all shopaholics...

Wonderful news shopaholics!

Shopping can help you to loose weight, by taking a trip down to the high street Clothes shopping can burn up to 440 an hour! This is the best news I have heard in ages! Apparently we burn over 12,000 calories a year shopping! So now thanks to these results we have more incentive to go shop shop shop!

The worrying thing is that now a days our society is becoming so lazy everything is done online! You can order your weekly food shop online, clothes shop online, gift shop online, we can even rent movies online so it raises a question that with the increasing obesity in our society is technology making us more unhealthy?

It would be interesting to know your thoughts?

Back in the 70’s the average waistline was said to be 27”, it is currently 34” and they believe that in a few years time it will be 42”. Now that tells me there is a change somewhere along the line, if we think back to the 70’s the food was very natural with no colourings, preservatives or rubbish added, with more on the market now its no wonder our society is changing.

I believe the way some of our bodies are heading is due to the change in our lifestyles and produce we buy.

Remember the saying “your body is a temple” so ditch the binge drinking, ready meals and online shopping and lets get back out there and show the 70’s how its done!


R. Shack said...

Well, I obviously need to plan a shopping trip for this weekend! Great post :)

Rachel Ducker said...

Any excuse for a shopping trip is ok by me :)

Duckey x