Saturday, 9 August 2008

Too Much Exercise?

I am worried that I may be very guilty of this so I have looked into it and conducted some research.

Looking at my Get Fit week I have realised that on some days I was doing up to 3 hours of exercise per day! Now I think that’s over obsessive don’t you? I have also gone down to just over 8 stone so when my head says you need to get fit my body tells me different!

But I will tell you what happens to me when I don’t do it!...

Key signs of exercising too much include:

  • Making exercise a priority over personal relationships – tonight I chose going to the gym over socialising
  • Feeling "withdrawal symptoms" such as irritability when unable to exercise – I get so agitated when I cant exercise for any reason or if its been too long, I then start feeling guilty or depressed when I don't exercise which makes me really unhappy
  • Feel often like my job can get in the way of exercise - some people find this in relationships but luckily Rob does it with me
  • Some people may miss school, college or work to exercise, however I don’t at present
  • I exercise regardless of injuries, tiredness or illness and then become run down
  • I ignore the concerns of my friends and family about your attitude to exercise

Due to this there are common risks of exercising too much:

• Immune Dysfunction – I cant say I’m dysfunctional yet! (some may disagree!)

• Excessive exercise without adequate recovery stresses the body, decreasing immune function and increasing the chance of respiratory infection- I do get very run down easily

• Reproductive Health Problems – Like I say I have noticed a change in this area through previous posts

• Women who's body-fat level falls below 13 to 17 percent can stop menstruating, a condition called amenorrhea – my periods can be up to 2 weeks late in theory missing!

• When a woman is experiencing amenorrhea, she is infertile – Yikes!

• Amenorrhea caused by excessive exercise is reversible when body-fat returns to normal. Normal levels are usually above 20 percent – Now this concerns me!

• Mood and Cognition Problems – I do get so moody when I cant exercise and also stressed by it!

• People who exercise too much can suffer from withdrawal symptoms including sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, confusion, and difficulty concentrating when they miss a day of exercise – oh yes oh yes!

• Bone Health – I think my bones are still intact!

• Both male and females who exercise too much are at a higher risk for developing osteoporosis and stress fractures – ok

• Women can suffer irreversible bone loss if they are not menstruating – interesting!

• Soft Tissues Injuries – I bruise more easily than I used to

• Avoiding rest or treatment for injuries can result in chronic damage to connective tissue

• People who exercise too much also experience muscle soreness when they do not exercise – I can from time to time

• Instead of building muscle, too much exercise can destroy muscle mass, especially if the body is not getting enough nutrition, forcing it to break down muscle for energy.

Well in reading this it seems I have some lifestyle issues to address.

I think I need help with the way I think about exercise I guess it used to assist my eating problem but now it has become one in itself. Maybe my challenge is not over just yet?


Anonymous said...

More pictures of you at the gym please... you are VERY hot!

Rachel Ducker said...

I want you to read the information not look at me!

I merely had the photos to demonstrate and proof I actually practice what i preach! lol

Duckey x