Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Off to the States!...

Well guys this was last minute and very unexpected but tomorrow I am off to Houston, Texas. Yeeee Ha!

I have had a real hard few weeks if I am very honest with you, I have been struggling with lots of issues one being a major health scare (don’t worry not food related as I would like to reiterate I practice what I preach!)

Anyway I am really looking forward to my trip although I know I am going to have to do a lot of soul searching whilst I am there.

The positives of this trip as I will have time to think and reflect whilst bantering with the Korean monks, seeing old friends I haven’t seen for over eight years and I will get to spend time with my family.

I believe in life that everything happens for a reason I always have and always will and I hope to find myself again on this trip and find my path again on my return.

In life I think we all have chapters and I sense that mine is about to turn another page yet again.

We only have one life and sometimes events happen to make us realise this so you have to go with it, follow your heart and hope it leads you to the right decision?

So until my return my friends I will leave you with some yummy recipes to try in my absence!

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Pixieschick said...

I also believe everything happens for a reason & know that our paths have already been mapped out before we have to walk them. Have a great time......soooo jealous :)