Monday, 6 October 2008

Buy it Fresh!

While we were away in Alicante recently my eyes were opened to the wonderful food that are grown abroad and how by shopping at supermarkets our choice is almost limited and spoilt by products which are not always fresh and grown naturally.

We visited the local market, I was so surprised to find stalls and stalls of people selling fresh vegetables and fruit and I’m not just talking about any produce but really colourful big and ripe produce.

As you can see from these photos there is so much choice and variety that preparing a meal out there is not only pretty inexpensive but also better quality.

So one night we decided to cook in the villa. With a random selection of the following ingredients this is what I came up with

4 Salmon fillets
Brown rice
Canned Tomatoes

Does that sound Mediterranean or what?

I roasted the tomatoes and we had them as a side with olives and almonds.

I then cooked the salmon and stir fried the vegetables whilst cooking the rice.

I then mixed this together with some chopped tomatoes, added lots of herbs and salt and pepper, and mixed in with the rice.

I placed in a large baking dish and placed the salmon on top.

It was such a fresh Spanish dish I was really pleased with how it turned out.

The main point to this is that cooking with fresh produce is so much better for quantity and quality. If you ever visit another country I really recommend that you try it.

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