Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sexy Seasoned Scallops!

I had the opportunity to cook something I have always wanted to cook last week but never had the chance to before! So i'm thankful to be able to do so!

This was a fish dish... easy to cook and very tasty! Yes Scallops... and very enjoyable ones at that!

I was really surprised that it only took about ten minutes to prepare this meal so if you want to cook something in a hurry and spend more time entertaining and taking good care of your guests then this is the perfect dish.

RECIPE: Sexy Scallops seasoned with Chili and Coriander served with a Spinach and watercress salad and a drizzling of balsamic vinegar.

You will need:

1 pack of M&S pre-seasoned Scallops
1 pack of Spinach and Watercress salad
Splash of balsamic vinegar

To make:

1. Heat a frying pan with a drop of olive oil

2. Once heated add the Scallops

3. Keep turning again and again for around 5-7 minutes until browned

4. Serve with a side salad and some balsamic dressing.

This makes a really great light and fresh meal.

It is a classy, tasty and flavourful meal perfect to share with someone special! White wine will compliment this dish delightfully but make sure you have someone to pour it!!!... and for dessert I recommend my Duckey Carrot cake.

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Anonymous said...

Duckey we miss you! Hope you start to blog again soon x