Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Duckeys Christmas Pudding Boozy Bon Bons!

The festive cooking has started! I spent some time yesterday in the kitchen after finishing in the Apparition office for the day. I am creating some little after dinner sweets for a party I am attended at the weekend and I thought they made beautiful foodie gifts!

I actually got this recipe out of the 'signed' Nigella Christmas book my lovely boyfriend bought me for Christmas last year!

These bon bons are designed to look like miniature Christmas Puddings so they are very festive and great for parties!

RECIPE: Wonderfully Festive Christmas Pudding Bon Bons, soaked in Sherry and topped with white chocolate and cherry.

You will need:

For the bon bons:

125g Dark Chocolate (I used Green and Blacks cooking chocolate)
350g of cooked or leftover Christmas Pud
60ml Sherry
1 spoon of golden syrup

To decorate

100g White Chocolate
Cherries red and green to decorate (I couldnt find the green so I used icing!)

To Make:

1. Cook the Christmas Pudding, I bought a ready made one from the supermarket and cooked it in the microwave leaving it to cool for a few hours before cooking.

2. Once cooled, break up the Christmas pudding into a bowl

3. Then add the sherry

4. Followed by some golden syrup

5. You will then need to melt your dark chocolate, this bind's the mixture!

6. Add the chocolate to the mixture and if you can get them use some disposable gloves for the next part... it can be messy!

7. Make small truffle sized balls out of the mixture

8. Line a baking tray with foil and once made put these in the fridge to cool

9. Once cooled for around half an hour to an hour melt some white chocolate

10. Add a small amount of white chocolate to decorate the top of you miniature puddings

11. Finally you can cut up the cherry and add icing in my case to create the holly on top of the puddings.

They taste great they are quite rich too which means you cant eat them all at once.

Whilst I promote 'health' I understand this might not be the healthiest of recipes but I believe that in moderation it is healthy to indulge otherwise I find you just binge which is much worse!

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