Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Looking good can make you feel good...

I don't know about you... but whenever I get a new dress, a new item of designer jewellery, a pair of new heels, or something that makes me feel beautiful - it changes my whole attitude - once I am wearing it.

It's like make-up - we where it as a mask to hide our true self but when we wear our make up, the change in our confidence is radically transformed.

I am unsure of the reason behind this, but I don't understand why some people think this is wrong to give a little glam to who we really are?  I think it can change the person behind it all - but for the better!

A good example of this is happened last Saturday night. I had to compare and host an event to over 300 people at a Martial Arts demonstration.

My father had asked me to wear my Martial Art clothing (very macho and boyish) - however I expressed in doing so it wouldn't make me feel under confident in myself - my attitude and wont feel the part of 'host' in my head as there was no separation of me and the performers in my head. 

My mother being a woman - backed me all the way and persuaded my dad!

I wore a tailored black skirt suit - killer heels and accessoried with a scarf and bang - my confidence could not be knocked and I gave a great performance.

So I say if you look good you will feel good! Try it!

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