Friday, 2 July 2010

My goals achieved...

I was looking back through my blog and I found this goal list in red I will mark just what I have achieved in a year...

Things I want to do....
  • Start my own business
    I now own my own business 'Apparition Marketing & Design Ltd' which is a creative agency in Suffolk.
  • Start my own cake baking business
    It's not there yet but I have designed the brand!
  • Visit Italy
    Still on the list!
  • Buy my own property
    I haven't bought but I live with my partner James so I have a home and i'm nesting!
  • See my blog grow and grow
    It's huge now!
  • Get engaged one day to the perfect man and have a family
    I have found the perfect man lets hope the rest follows!
  • See my family more
    I am only an hour from home now rather than three so yes I do!
  • Earn more than £35,000 a year
    On course!
  • Stock my kitchen with funky products and add to my home
    Building we are re-doing the kitchen this year!
  • Write my own cook / health book
    Hmm forgot about this one - good plan Duckey!
  • Eat in Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant
    YES! James took me to Claridges for my last birthday! Bless him!
  • Visit New York
    Not yet but my family have I did Paris does that count?
Overall I think I have done pretty well in a year. Goals are really important to keep a healthy mental state! So keep making yours and reaching them!

Duckey x

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