Friday, 4 July 2008

The 10 Reasons why Running is Great!

There are many reasons why running is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise.

Running is very inexpensive, apart from the shoes, which I would recommend as when I got my running shoes I really felt the difference and could run much easier.

Running is great in all weather conditions, giving you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, explore the area you live in and listen to your favourite ipod tunes! In bad weather, running can be done indoors, running machines work just as good if not better as you cant see how far you have left to run! It can also burn significantly more calories than other aerobic activities and workout most muscles at once.
  • Running is the most efficient path to cardiovascular fitness
  • You can run anywhere without fancy equipment
  • Running is inexpensive and easy to learn
  • Running is the best method of stress reduction on the market
  • Running can help ease women's menstrual tension
  • Running is an excellent compliment to a weight control program
  • Running is a flexible method of training. You can run at your own pace, with or without company, at whatever time of day that suits you
  • Running increases your overall sense of well-being
  • Running is for families and individuals of all ages
  • Running is a great social activity… you can even join a running club
  • Running can be done anywhere, even you are traveling
  • Running and walking can be incorporated into any routine and can be done by people at any level of fitness
Just put one foot in front of the other and go!


Pomai said...

I'll have to throw in SWIMMING as also a great method of exercise. Swimming involves using ALL your muscles, not just legs and torso. It's also easier on the joints than running, which can be hard on the knee and hip joints over extended periods of time. Then again, genetics plays an important role in joint-related issues as well.

Speaking of running, I need to start again and drop a little weight.

Anonymous said...

This is a great motivational post. Its no secret I hate running with a passion. But I started running in March 2008. First just around the block. Then a bit further, then a bit further.

I'm now up to 2 miles which is a huge deal for me because I hate it so much - yet I feel so good when I get back home!! Its that feeling afterwards that motivates me to get out in the first place!

I bought some proper running shoes because the trainers I was using weren't very comfortable once I was running in them and this made a massive difference! I dont have fancy expensive equipment at home to train on, I bought an expensive pair of running shoes and I run for free!

I've also found a gorgeous route through fields (public right of way of course) right near my house! I'll take pics next time and post them on my blog to show you!